Utilities: Water & Sewer

If you have any questions regarding utilities, to establish a new service connection, or to end a current service connection, please contact the Utilities Clerk at (306) 542 – 2155 or email utilities.kamsack@sasktel.net 

The following utilities are available in the Town of Kamsack for industrial, commercial and residential uses:

  • Water: Aquifer & Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System 
  • Sewage Treatment Type: Lagoon


Submit your own Water Meter Read by clicking here.

Tenants who want to submit their own water meter read should submit a reading each month before the 20th.
Homeowners who want to submit their own water meter read should submit
a reading every other month before the 20th; in February, April, June, August, October & December. 

Find Water Billing Dates by clicking here.

Connections & Disconnections

Water Connections and Disconnections are scheduled between 9 am and 11 am, Monday through Thursday.

In order to complete a Water Connection or Disconnection, Town Office must receive the completed application form, and necessary fees, at least 1 day in advance

To connect water at an address, the applicant must:

  • Contact the Utilities Clerk
  • Submit the Completed Connection Application
  • Pay the necessary Fees
    • Connection Fee of $75
    • Utility Deposit of $150
      * The utility deposit will be applied to the final bill upon disconnection and any remaining balance will be returned
  • Ensure someone is at the property on the scheduled service connection date to have water connected

Both the Connection & Disconnection Applications are available below:

For more information, please review the Utility Rates Bylaw & the Utility Management Bylaw. Both can be found by clicking here.

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