Sponsors & Funding

Kamsack has many active clubs and organizations that offer great programming to keep our residents active and engaged! For information about these groups, please click here.

The Town of Kamsack, and many of our community groups, are able to provide such great programming because of our fantastic provincial sponsors, including:

Annual Funding Opportunity:
Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program

This program plays a vital role in the development of sports, culture and recreation in our community.

Program Eligibility: Any community non-profit organization that supports sport, culture or recreation can request funding.

Allowable Expenses: The funding can be used for a community event, program or project and the organization is required to submit an application by early February each year.

The downloadable application form, as well as the project guidelines and required follow up report, are available below:

If you have any questions about the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program, would like to submit your application or if you would like to learn more about other funding opportunities, please contact the Manager of Recreation & Community Development at (306) 542- 2044 or rec.kamsack@sasktel.net or use our Contact Us page. ​

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