CN Trackside Garden

Originally CN Rail maintained a formal English garden alongside the railway track near the CN station in Kamsack. However, when CN reduced services in the community during the 1950s, the garden was left unattended.

In 1996, a group of dedicated volunteers spearheaded by Gloria Hunter, Helen MacFarlane, and Ron Larson organized the Kamsack Beautification Project, known later as the Kamsack Revitalization project; with the intent of improving the overall appearance of our community. Attending to the Trackside Garden quickly became a part of these efforts and work began in early 1997.

The garden has grown from these volunteer roots into what it is today. Volunteers still carry on the vast majority of the work, including design, planting, and maintenance. And, most of the funding is still provided through donations.

CN Trackside Gardens Committee:
Want to get involved? For more information, please contact the Volunteer Chair of the Track Side Garden Committee, Audrey Horkoff, at (306) 542 – 4472.

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